Building Tradition

Imagine a cold winter day in the mountains of Kremmling, Colorado as a rancher feeds his cows by a horse drawn carriage being pulled through several feet of snow. Getting back inside after several hours of work and building a fire, drinking a hot cup of coffee and enjoying each others company while his wife cooks for everyone.

Now imagine a cowboy in the plains doctoring a sick cow because it’s his livelihood. Doing all he can to protect the land and animals he has been charged to steward. Knowing that regardless of the weather or circumstances, this land is his responsibility. Then going in to the shop and building a silver bit and a headstall he can rely on for forever.

view of Ellerman Ranch

Building Values

Some people would assume this is like an old western, but it’s exactly where Ellerman Brands started. Long before a trademark, National Finals Rodeo Qualifications, products, businesses, or sales, the Ellerman family was cultivating a set of family values and traditions on the ranch and in the pasture that would live on for generations. Counting not only on their livestock and equipment, but also each other.

Although some of those times have passed, the traditions and values live on. Integrity, experience, hard work, community, and quality still resonate deeply in all things Ellerman Brands. All leading to now, bringing together six generations of experience and passions and combining them into one place.

History, continued.

When asked where the idea came from, the founder of Ellerman Brands, Brit Ellerman, had this to say.

“My grandfathers were cowboys, ranchers, horseman, leather craftsmen, silver workers, and businessmen. Grandmothers are amazing cooks, lovers and helpers of people, and organizers. Mrs. Ellerman, my mom, is an accomplished businesswoman, team roper, and leader. My dad is a National Finals Rodeo Qualifier, a World Champion exhibitor and trainer, leather craftsman, and a hard working man. My sister is a marketing genius, a horse lover, and a great planner. The business partners and mentors I have have become some of my best friends and are amazing in their fields. Then there was me. A guy who just keeps turning stones. It all just made sense to combine everyone’s gifts and talents and give a place where everyone could do what they excel at.

Ultimately, I want to help people in need, push them to achieve their goals, and to build a place where people can do what they love. All while building great products, fantastic services, and powerful relationships. That’s why we pick a cause every month and percentages of sales go to help others. That’s why we build things the hard way. And that’s why we partner with great people.”

When it Matters

Ellerman Brands motto is “For when it matters”. When it matters to you, count on an Ellerman Brands company, product, or service to get the job done. Taking the old ranching approach to the modern business world.

When asked about the connection between the tech and western industry, Brit said, “To some people it’s confusing. But to me, it wasn’t. What I saw when I first started in to business was a huge void between the western industry and the world. The world, technology, SEO, marketing, printing, products, all of these things were rapidly moving forward. But the western industry needed help. So I thought, there are so many great people I work with that are so good at what they do, let’s partner and help push the industry forward. So now, you can get a leather belt, buy a house, and get industry leading professionals to help you build websites, inventory systems, social plans, banners, merchandise and everything in between. They’re starting to call us “The stuff guys”, because if you need stuff, we’ve got it.”

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