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Ellerman Brands operates on old western values: hard work, premium quality and stellar customer service.

From Our Owner

Thank you for your interest in all things Ellerman Brands. Born out of the western family lifestyle and mixed with the modern age of technology and business, it is my personal goal to bring you the best products and services for you, your business, your roping, and your brand. My passion is to see people grow and excel at the things that matter most to them. We have worked with people and business’s across every industry and I am confident the great team at Ellerman Brands can add value to you. But more importantly we hope that whatever it is you’re doing, you do it well and enjoy it.

-Brit Ellerman

Let’s get started and see how we can help you in your business journey.


Ellerman Brands, “for when it matters”

When it matters to you it matters to us. We are committed to providing top quality services to fit your needs. With a great team on the inside and outside of the western industry, we provide quality products and services that will fit your needs no matter what industry you are in. We still believe in handshakes, holding doors and earning your business. Use Ellerman brands when it matters.

See our ventures page to see what we can do for you. Many of our services are case by case quoted because we know no two people or businesses are alike. 

Our Values

Ellerman Brands is here to help you succeed and welcomes you to the family.



We work to continually protect the integrity of every product or service we provide. Count on us and count on our products.


Add Value

We are in the business of putting people first. We add value to you in the areas we have worked and excelled at to create a better life for you.



In different industries for 35 years, everyone at Ellerman Brands brings experience to the table. You don’t have to learn the hard way.



We commit to partnering with charities and making customers apart of our family. We are in the trenches with you and then celebrate your success with you.

Our Experts

A team of diversified and qualified individuals to deliver you the best quality products and services possible.

Brit Ellerman


Jay Ellerman

Head of Equine

Tammy Ellerman

Head of Land

Taya McAdow

Head of Charities

Sara Fulmer

Head of Marketing

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