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Set up an account. Upload your latest equestrian sport training or rodeo video for review. Share the clips with your coach and set up an appointment to collect feedback or have them send you notes. That’s where our video review pages come in. Your coach can click anywhere on a video to add a note— all on Smart Arena, all included in your Smart Arena membership.

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The worlds premiere online equine coaching platform. Create a profile, track statistics, and hire qualified coaches to help you improve your roping, riding, and competitive edge.

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Ellerman Post

No longer delivered by the pony express, but equally as reliable.

Kickin’ Cancer

Kickin’ Cancer What if business is more than a way to make money? What if instead it was was designed to give? Give jobs, give resources, give time and talent, give itself away.  Thats the Ellerman Brands core business principle. We absolutely want...

It’s Not Over

It’s Not Over

It is becoming a larger and larger topic this month. You have maybe seen it on the news or on your social media but if you haven’t, here it is. In the recent weeks, a few fairly prominent members of the Christian community renounced their faith very publicly. Sighting...

Success with Partnerships

Success with Partnerships

Steve Jobs famously stated, “If you really look closely most overnight successes took a long time.” In our society moments of glory are celebrated and romanticized, but behind every great company are great people, hard work and perseverance.  Partnering with people is...

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