Steve Jobs famously stated, “If you really look closely most overnight successes took a long time.”

In our society moments of glory are celebrated and romanticized, but behind every great company are great people, hard work and perseverance.  Partnering with people is important at Ellerman Brands because they believe that behind any successful business there are people and sacrifices beyond the scope of the public view that make them who they are. By teaming up with great people and organizations, Ellerman Brands is able to build mutually beneficial relationships where we can learn from one another’s failures and successes. It is because of this that Ellerman Brands would like to take a moment and celebrate the people and companies that they partner with and acknowledge the hard work that they put in day in and day out to contribute to our industry. 

Texas Saddlery

85 miles east of Dallas Texas lies the small town of Alba. One of its 503 residents is legendary saddle maker and leather craftsman Dale Martin. In his shop was the birthplace of Texas Saddlery. The heart of Texas Saddlery has always been to create and bring saddle shop quality products to the world. In 2015 Texas Saddlery added a second location and moved headquarters to Fort Lupton, Colorado. Here, owner Brit Ellerman, along with Dale Martin continue to produce leather products such as belts, briefcases, wallets, saddles, tack and much more.  Everything that comes out of Texas Saddlery is handmade, hand stamped and tooled for a classy and durable product! You can find Texas Saddlery products on the store, and stores across the US and Canada.

Top Hand Ropes

For Curt Matthews ropes are woven deeply in his roots. He literally “learned the ropes” from the master rope innovator Pete Edmonds himself. Curt changed team roping forever using his knowledge and revolutionary machines to make ropes faster, lighter and more durable than ever. Now this can be seen because he has had something to do with every technological advancement and rope company in the industry. And now you can use ropes made by the man himself. Everything Curt does, quality and precision is always reflected in his products. We are honored to partner with Curt and Top Hand ropes.

Smart Arena

Smart Arena was the idea of Austin and Kane Laramore, sons of multiple time NFR team roping qualifier Scott Laramore. Austin and Kane saw the need for elite coaching resources much like that which are available in other professional sports. In golf even legends such as Phil Mikelson and Tiger Woods have putting, driving and mental coaches with them always to help them perfect their game. Smart Arena desires to give the rodeo community the same opportunity. Opportunity to improve upon their roping, horsemanship and competitiveness through the latest technology and one on one face to face live coaching sessions with some of rodeos elite coaches.

Here is how it works: log on to, create a profile, upload your videos, hire a coach anywhere anytime. Smart arena uses your videos to track your average time, your statistics and your progress. Using these videos, you can then get live online coaching lessons from some of the industry’s top coaches. After the session is over, the live recording is saved to your profile along with coaches notes on your goals to be viewed anytime, anywhere for your reference.

We are proud to call the Smart Arena team friends and partners of Ellerman Brands. Check them out and create a profile at

Rope Smart

Roping tools such as sleds and dummies are very prevalent in the roping industry today; however, it has not always been that way. Some of this is thanks to John McCarthy, owner of Rope Smart. John always enjoyed roping and after finishing the United States Military, began his quest to improve his roping. John noticed right away the need for quality and innovative products that were backed by real research to improve his and others roping. Through much trial and error, he developed a line of products proven to help people succeed. We believe in these products and use them on a day to day basis and are glad to team up with John and the Ropesmart team.

Ellerman Brands is thankful for the partnerships with these great people and their companies. Learn more and see their products on

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